The Besties Edition – USA Edition

It’s never the wrong time to embrace your best mates and get around life with them. Introducing, Cards of Life: Besties Edition.

 We believe that true friendship is creating memories whether it be an adventure, a night out or just seeing your friends do something you never forget. From all of the above and more this game will have you and your friends bonding like never before. Your best friends are by your side more often than not so we have encapsulated this into a game that can played year round.

With 52 unique cards, ‘Besties’ can be played across 3- 12 months to really add some spice to your daily best friend duties. Designed to be played with 2-5 people in a short session or the long game.

BFF’s for life!


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As with any of our “Cards of Life” we strongly believe in consent and all cards are meant to be used in fun, rather than to put people in uncomfortable situations.

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Dimensions 17 × 2 × 12 cm

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